DECT Technology


The IP-DECT system utilizes industry standard TDM and VoIP telephony interfaces to provide a fully integrated wireless communication platform. This solution consists of two system types: The base station solution is a wireless VoIP offering that utilizes existing ethernet infrastructure. The IP-DECT gateway and access point configuration provides a dedicated wired and wireless platform, eliminating dependency on an ethernet LAN. Both solutions are modular and expandable.

The IP-DECT system supports various highly versatile wireless handsets that are ideally equipped with features and durability for any environment.



ü  Wireless communication solution

ü  Nurse call

ü  Enterprise Messaging

ü  Telecare emergency call

ü  Personal Safety

ü  Technical Alarms



Required Products & Services

Wi-Fi Handsets                                  DECT Handsets                                             SIP server

IP PBX                                                 Application Server