RTLS over Wi-Fi


Location is good to know, but without intelligence, you’re left with an ultra-accurate way to find a wheelchair on a map. When considering RTLS for asset tracking, workflow management, or staff safety assurance, you ‘re going to want measurable business intelligence at your fingertips.

Together with our Wi-Fi tags, the business intelligence software platform is designed to improve decision-making. Our Application offers advanced reporting capability, powered by Tableau, and location-triggered messaging that assists with workflow automation, inventory management, and regulatory compliance.


Personal Safety

    • Location-based Code White for anti-aggression system
    • Implement nurse call and emergency assistance systems
    • Improve your emergency evacuation protocols with location information
    • Build mustering reports, headcount, last-know Location applications
    • Protect workers near dangerous equipment
    • Protect workers in hazardous production areas


    • Control and monitor visitors in your facility
    • Detect unauthorized access to restricted zones
    • Protect equipment from theft
    • Integrate Individual-Centric Control System (ICCS) in your building to maximise your security
    • Implement location-based video surveillance application to get the maximum of your security system
    • Monitor personnel traffic in restricted areas automatically

Process Optimization

    • Implement location-based mobile equipment management
    • Locate mobile medical equipment
    • Eliminate equipment search time
    • Automatically control equipment distribution
    • Increase equipment utilization rate
    • Reduce inventory cost
    • Reduce equipment lease
    • Improve employee satisfaction

Required Products & Services

Badges and tags                                         Receivers                                                          Location Engine