Rural Broadband



Wireless broadband connectivity maximizes your return for reaching a small number of subscribers in remote locations.

As a result, areas of low-density are underserved for broadband. High-speed wireless connectivity offers speed to market, easy maintenance and lower total cost.

DCS has what it takes to develop a successfulwireless infrastructure project in a low-density area:

  1. Solution Architects with knowledge and expertise
  2. An optimized mix of cost-effective products from multiple manufacturers
  3. No minimum order requirements so you can buy what you need, as you need it
  4. Flexible financing options to support longer payback ROI projects



Required Products & Services

Point-to-Point Radios                               Point-to-Multipoint Radios                   Antennas & Filter Products

Power Systems                                         Base Station Antenna Mounts            Enclosures & Cable

Networking Cable,                                     Grounding & Arrestors                       Physical Security Systems

Connectors & Jumpers