Leased line Replacement



Wireless high-speed connectivity offers redundancy and a cost effective alternative to traditional wired connectivity.

Many organizations are looking to the latest generation of wireless technology to replace or augment leased lines. DCS offers experience and design assistance along with the depth and breadth of products to meet your unique requirements. Our Solution Architects use linkplanning and path profile


Analysis tools, which provide predictive indicators to ensure the connection will perform to your expectation. They'll help you select the optimal combination of manufacturers and products to provide you with the most reliable and cost effective solution based on your unique requirements.

Required Products & Services

Point-to-Point Radios                               Point-to-Multipoint Radios                    Antennas & Filter Products

Power Systems                                         Base Station Antenna Mounts             Enclosures & Cable

Networking Cable,                                     Grounding & Arrestors                         Physical Security Systems

Connectors & Jumpers