Campus Broadband



Hospitals, hospitality groups, campuses, public transportation areas, apartment complexes and corporate grounds all share the need to transfer data, voice and video quickly and reliably between buildings.

Unfortunately, many of these environments are antiquated or have obsolete wire line infrastructures that can be expensive to maintain and expand for high-speed connectivity.

DCS's team of Solution Architects can helpranslate your unique requirements into

a cohesive and comprehensive wireless solution for the entire campus. Our analysis tools identify requirements and examine critical factors like interference mitigation, frequency planning, environmental challenges and distances between buildings. We'll recommend the most effective system for your campus using the right combination of products. Ask about our Try and Buy plan.

Required Products & Services

Point-to-Point Radios                                Point-to-Multipoint Radios                   Antennas & Filter Products

Power Systems                                          Base Station Antenna Mounts            Enclosures & Cable

Networking Cable,                                     Grounding & Arrestors                         Physical Security Systems

Connectors & Jumpers