Designing and building Wi-Fi networks in an 
industrial environment has its own set of challenges from the warehouse to the oil field to a fleet of buses and rail lines.

Wi-Fi connectivity is not just a matter of convenience it's about productivity and business continuity. Each industrial Wi-Fi application has it own set of requirements around physical equipment and access point protection including extreme temperature fluctuations in industrial freezers and

hot warehouses, ruggedness for dirt and vibration and tamper proof physical security.

DCS has a deep heritage in building wireless networks in challenging industrial environments. We have the largest product availability for industrial applications including exclusive enclosures and ruggedized components to ensure your wireless networks work under any condition.

Our team of Solutions Architects can design a complete wireless system for your organization.

Our Solution Architects are the best in the wireless industry in understanding radio signals and how to design networks for optimal RF propagation and capacity. They can assist in designing, building and creating a complete bill of materials including the access points, remote and backup power considerations, cabling and ruggedized mounts and enclosures.

Required Products & Services

Enterprise Access Points                                                       Industrial Access Points

Controllers                                                                              Network Management and Authentication

Outdoor Enclosures                                                                Routers and Switches