Indoor Carpeted

Your users need access to Wi-Fi connectivity to provide point-of-sale, patient care, customer 
service or access to online curriculums.

Carpeting your office, retail, medical or educational environment with wireless coverage and capacity provides its own sets of challenges. To meet these demands and requirements, it takes more than just access points and cabling. Enhancing your business operations requires a complete solution

including: network security, tamper proof physical security of your access points and the proper enclosures.

DCS provides the knowledge, expertise and unique products to design a complete Wi-Fi network from a small office environment to healthcare to retail. Our experienced team can provide products and designs from access points, to cabling to enclosures to get the most out of your investment.


We have unique products and the expertise to address every issue facing a build. From enclosures that provide disease control to building a network that gives your medical staff mobility and continuous access to patient critical applications.


We have the products and expertise to ensure your in-store network security is PCI compliant while still allowing all of your in-store proximity marketing activities to work across your network.


We can assist in providing a commercial grade wireless infrastructure to meet the growing demand for wireless delivery of digital curriculum and student collaboration across voice, video and high band data transfers.


Our team of Solutions Architects can design a complete wireless system for your organization.

We have the depth and breadth of experience of product knowledge to not only build out a high-performing Wi-Fi network, but also ensures you have a complete wireless infrastructure that can do everything from connect buildings with wireless links to wireless backhauling and everything in-between.

Required Products & Services

Enterprise Access Points                                                       Industrial Access Points

Controllers                                                                              Network Management and Authentication

Outdoor Enclosures                                                               Routers and Switches