DCS e-Sales Route Accounting System Overview

Route Accounting is a term used to describe those applications in which goods and services are bought and sold in a mobile environment. A Route Account system allows a single representative to efficiently serve the customer, to accept purchase orders, issue invoices, and to collect payments



  • Enhanced visibility of entire distribution activities
  • Faster delivery of products and at a competitive price
  • Keep an eye on Targets to Salesman
  • Survey/Competition information
  • Credit  Management
  • Meet customer demands with increased agility

Expected features       

  • Seamless flow of information and updates instantly and centrally
  • Remote Inventory management and stock return tracking
  • Merchandizing/Check Stock at Customer place
  • Generate Reports
  • Digital Signature
  • Scalability/Maintainability of the solution across companies
  • Data Integrity Checks

Business Value

  • Adequate use of latest technology
  • Faster Data Processing
  • Tighter Credit Controls for each customer
  • Accurate collection of data at the end of day
  • Payment history of customers
  • Payment pattern of customers
  • More sales per day increases revenue to the company.
  • Better decision making