Time and Attendance Solution


DCS  Time and attendance system is  designed to automate employee time and attendance for various sized businesses. Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, DCS Time and Attendance System dramatically reduces the number of hours required to process employee time and attendance. It is scalable to grow with your business and meet your time tracking needs.

DCS Time and Attendance System is ideal for a wide range of industries where hourly and salaried employee time is tracked, including: manufacturing, warehouse & distribution, healthcare, retail, professional and medical offices, government and educational agencies.

The Time and Attendance software allows your organization to:

Ø  Track employee time, including arrival and departure time, lunch, breaks, overtime, holidays and absences

Ø  Establish rules governing how employee time is accounted for (rounding, early clock in or out, overtime)

Ø  Reduce inconsistencies and errors associated with manual time tracking

o   Eliminate inflated labour hours and buddy punching (with biometric time clock)

o   Increase timecard accuracy

Ø  Minimize payroll processing time

o   Reduce costly payroll and data entry errors

Ø  Generate professional management reports as below:

o   Daily Attendance

o   Early Leavers

o   Late Comers

o   Overtime

o   Missing Punch

o   Total employee work hours by employee and supervisor

o   Employee overtime hours

o   Incomplete time card reports

o   Employee tardy/early out reports

o   Unscheduled employee absences