RFID/Barcode Based Asset Tracking Software

DCS's e-Tag Fixed Asset Tracking Software (FATS)provides a central register in which detailed information on all fixed assets, from IT equipment to office furniture, can be recorded.  Exploiting real time access to descriptions and analysis codes, as well as information concerning transfers and disposals, improves control and enables effective asset reallocation to minimize unnecessary purchases.



  •          Comprehensive asset register includes master list of department, location, purchase date, value, cost centre and more.
  •          Configurable data fields for flexible recording of asset information.
  •          Dynamic user defined fields provide for asset specific configuration.
  •          Captures current and historical asset information, including location and full history.
  •          Links uniquely referenced documents to each asset, including purchase orders, invoices and contracts.
  •          Powerful search engine.
  •          Advanced reporting.
  •          Single screen for data entry and asset analysis.
  •          Fast and efficient import of data from Microsoft Excel™.
  •          Web based solution uses the latest ASP.NET technology.


Improve Asset Insight

Combining e-Tag’s asset tracking software with data collection using RFID / Barcode labels or passive RFID tags improves the quality and timeliness of asset information.

  •          Record service due date, end of useful life, replacement cost, warranty expiration date, insurance value and more.
  •          Reallocate under-utilised items, reducing unnecessary expenditure.
  •          Track portable assets against each member of staff to minimise losses.


Manage Asset Transactions

Tracking assets through the entire life-cycle from acquisition to transfer and disposal provides a clear audit trail.

  •          Rapid access to a summary of events relating to a single asset.
  •          Search by date/time to trace asset transactions.
  •          Easy creation of custom reports.