Real Time Locating System:


Real Time Locating Systems for Hospitals and Health Care: includes powerful active RFID readers, active RFID tags with different forms for different purposes, and highly customizable application software that addresses complex operational requirements of healthcare providers.

With solutions at the healthcare industry, we can locate and protect any patient, staff, newborn baby or a mobile asset in real time with highest level of security without any effect to the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Uniquely design staff tag, Patient Tag, Baby Tag and asset tags. Contact us to know more,


  • New Born Baby & Mother Monitoring
  • Patient Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff Tracking & Safety
  • Environment Monitoring


  • Staff Tag
  • Patient Tag
  • Baby Tag
  • Aset Tag
  • High customized software with multiple alarm management algorithms,

Ambulance Audit & Tracking System (AAT):

Ambulance Audit & Tracking System (AAT) combines the advantages of Real Time Locating (RTLS), GPS and GPRS technologies.

  • Automatic Tracking and Audit of any ambulance, staff, medical equipment , supplies
  • Automatic Report Generation of missing item with its geographical
  • System ensures full availability of critical emergency equipment such as Defibrillators, oxygen generators, heart rate monitors at all times in the ambulances.
  • Valuable information from the ambulance, such as its location, status, driver, staff on board, etc. to offer detailed visibility to the dispatch center operators.
  • Automated Inventory and enhance quick replenishment of any missing item
  • Alerts are generated automatically when an asset is tampered