Small cell & Macrocell Backhaul



Wireless backhaul of your Small and Macrocell networks can improve performance while delivering cost efficiencies.

Most existing landline networks don't meet the performance requirements for today's wireless networks.

Our System Architects have the experience, training and software to design a cost-effective, end-t o-end solution with backhaul capacities of up to2GB/second, using the

Optimal combination of products. Because we know how important financing can be for a successful backhaul project, DCS offers flexible no-minimum ordering and financing options.

Required Products & Services

Point-to-Point Radios                    Point-to-Multipoint Radios                   Antennas & Filter Products

Power Systems                              Base Station Antenna Mounts            Enclosures & Cable

Networking Cable,                         Grounding & Arrestors                        Physical Security Systems

Connectors & Jumpers