Wearable Computers
RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset

Premiere rugged headset provides superior noise-canceling technology for dependable use in nearly any environment.

RS507 Hands-Free Cordless Imager

This rugged scanner boasts advanced ergonomics and Bluetooth cordless capability, allowing unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement.

HC1 Headset Computer

Empower your workforce with hands-free mobility.

RS419 Wearable Ring Scanner

A sophisticated wearable ring scanner that maximizes worker productivity in the most demanding environments.

WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal

This rugged wearable terminal improves productivity and reduces errors in the warehouse with affordable high-performance, hands-free, voice-directed applications.

WT41N0 Wearable Terminal

A sophisticated, wearable terminal that boosts worker productivity with high-performance, hands-free mobile computing.